Boris Mardesic

Boris Mardešić was born in Comiso (Vis), the capital of the island of Lissa in Croatia, in 1922. In 1956 the first exhibitions in Rijeka and in 1958 in Rome at the La Cassapanca Gallery.
The numerous consents obtained favor a series of exhibitions in Europe. Starting from the Künstlerhaus in Vienna, in which a major exhibition of all the techniques used was followed by a complete exhibition of graphic works by Oskar Kokoschka . He then exhibited in Spain, France and Belgium at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels. The latter exhibition, entitled The Order of Chaos and reviewed by René Berger , will then go to the United States in 1987. 
In Washington DC and New York, St. Petersburg, he will spend, with his wife Milanka , the true muse of Boris, several years enjoying considerable success so much that he is asked to create for NASAAurora Cosmic, a multimedia installation, the first in the world, at Cape Canaveral at the Kennedy Space Center .
Rit adorned after the war in Croatia is divided between Verudela (Pula) and Rijeka ( Rijeka) where it died.

Within the subject 1962-1982 
It was the period of aerial visions of the karst with its dry stone walls and the burnt lands: from the surface of the earth within the matter. ” My inspiration is nourished by the contemplation of nature and its primary elements: stone, earth, water, I started from the skeleton of the planet .” 
Attention moves from the surface to the depth of the earth and focuses on the most intimate movements of the primordial nucleus. to explore the darkness and the mystery of the deep core. This artistic experimentation coincides with an intimate search, with the refolding of the man on himself, in the difficult attempt to find the way to an interiority agitated by creative conflicts. At this stage Mardešić elaborates and experiments a cosmic vision of the earth’s surface.

Genesis of Energy – The Order of Chaos 1982-2011 
Since 1982 the study of the forces generating the elements is transformed into an interest in energy as the original drive to life and a common denominator of microcosm and macrocosm.  He also created a project for NASA , Aurora Cosmic . It translates into painting the theory of Chaos and fractals , after having moved on the democritee footprints. In his latest works he analyzes the spiral as the fundamental energy element of the universe. ” To penetrate the nucleus to explode in the cosmos “.


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